QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM Integration


Business needs evolve. Youngland provides a seamless end-to-end integration experience between Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is dedicated to continuously learn, improve, and challenge ourselves in order to best serve all industry needs.

The Implementation Program

for QuickBooks & CRM Integrated Solution

Youngland QuickBooks CRM Connector is a practical solution that helps your business streamline its processes and ensures consistency of information across your organization. Its bi-directional synchronization of key data in real-time brings numerous major benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced clerical errors and a much improved end-user experience, all while saving you time to focus and perform other vital tasks that lead to your business success.

Our Service Delivery Framework has been created to offer you choice of implementation approaches. These range from fixed fee to time and materials engagements. Each service is designed to address your specific needs.

Fixed Cost Implementation

We offer a fixed scope/fixed price integration implementation to ensure your organization gets tangible value quickly, and dramatically reduces your risk of costly project overruns.

Our implementation process ensures our customers go live quickly in order to achieve rapid results and an early return on their investment.

You will receive:

We specialize in serving the enterprise integration market. Our professional services team is made up of an extensive team of professionals who have many years experience in the general business industry, providing the level of service expected from our client base.

How it works

Pre-requisites. The pre-requisites are based on Microsoft CRM and QuickBooks system requirements. If you do have any third party Microsoft CRM or QuickBooks add-on solutions installed, please contact your dedicated program coordinator for further verification.

Assessment. We will review and analyze your business processes, identify your pain points, record your functionality wish-lists, and note the IT Infrastructure.

Implementation. A designated professional works closely with you during each step of the process until the integration solution has been implemented successfully and your company is ready to use it. Our implementation covers all phases of the process - from needs evaluation through transition and implementation to post-implementation support.

With Youngland QuickBooks Dynamics Connector, you get the support you need to integrate your systems. From booking to sales reporting, our expertise will support your integration project providing automatic workflow and improving business efficiency.


The standard deployment offers a wide range of functionality to accommodate the needs of a variety of companies and industries. Upon request, we can implement additional features to customize design and fine-tune the software for your company, so that it tailors specifically to your needs. We offer customization on a per hour or a fixed-cost project basis.

If you have any specific question then please contact us and we will try our best to answer it. Click here.

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