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Business needs evolve. Youngland provides a seamless end-to-end integration experience between Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is dedicated to continuously learn, improve, and challenge ourselves in order to best serve all industry needs.


Fed up with "Customer Management" that acts only as an Addressbook?
This is your chance to experience what Youngland's QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM Integration Solution has to offer.

  The CRM Experience
  Unleash the potential of Microsoft CRM
  Youngland's QuickBooks CRM integrated Solution

The CRM Experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the main component of Enterprise Resource Planning that drives your sales and service integration. Essentially, success in most businesses depend much on customer relationships. As a business owner, it's important to provide employees with the tool they need to deliver stellar customer service, as they are the ones that can drive your business to success. Having quick access to data, up-to-date sales status, and acting upon accurate information, means your people are able to deliver satisfaction and keep customers happy. Moreover, streamlining sales and customer service process, shortening sales cycles and maintaining the consistent quality and productivity of your sales and service teams is a must and automation of business tasks is necessary in achieving this level of success. Read more.

What you want in a Customer Relationship Management system:

A comprehensive system that stores, manages, and serves all your needs regarding customer relations.
A system that can handle adding organizations with more than one address, contracts that reside at various locations.
A system that organizes and maps leads accordingly.

What you get with QuickBooks Customer Manager:

When you try to import just organizations (i.e., a parent record), it will import the "organization name" to the "contact name" field and leave the "company" field blank. You will end up having to create fields for first and last names in the organization file to be imported and the names must be unique or else it will not import, which means you’d either have to assign a contact name or enter arbitrary unique id’s, all requiring unnecessary, time-wasting effort.

Moreover, the system cannot recognize and link contacts based on a field (e.g., "organization name"); therefore, you must manually add each contact to the organization record's "related contact" field. However, this only creates hyperlinks, not true links; thus if you were to make a change to an organization's record (e.g., company name, office suite/address, etc.) the contact records would not be updated.

In the end, what you’ve created is a list of company records with numeric names, and contact records with identical company fields but absolutely no correlation or true link to the parent record. The only other existing option is to manually link each contact in the "related contacts" field of the company record. Even then it is still not a true link, but merely a hyperlink.

Unleash the potential of Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM is a comprehensive system full of features that can benefit you

Advantages of Using Microsoft CRM over QuickBooks Customer Manager
Microsoft CRM will provide countless benefits across your business, letting you do more than you can with only QuickBooks.

The comfort of using a system developed and back by a large corporation.
Microsoft is the world's leading software developer. New publications indicate that Microsoft will again invest a significant amount in Research and development. Microsoft will be allocating about $2.7 billion in increased spending this year in various areas including Business Solutions products. It is also estimated that the company will increase spending on product development and improvement by $1 billion. Without doubt, its spending and dedication to the development of products exceeds all of its competitors. Firms can trust and depend on Microsoft as they will continue to provide great products and supports while improving its excellency.

Key Benefits:

Considering CRM on top of your QuickBooks system?

Youngland's integrated business solution will make the two work seamlessly for you.

Youngland's QuickBooks CRM integrated Solution

As you’ve realized that adding CRM to your existing system maybe the next strategic step, but you can’t help to be concerned about the compatibility between your current QuickBooks system, and the new system? We’ve got a solution.

Youngland has developed a solution that provides seamless integration experience between Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM called the QuickBooks CRM Connector (Adapter). It is a must-have for progressive users of Intuit QuickBooks who plan to operate an interactive system with Microsoft CRM.

We know it isn’t easy operating and maintaining two very different systems simultaneously, that’s why Youngland has created a comprehensive mapping system that flawlessly ties the two together forming our very own integrated solution. QuickBooks CRM Connector includes an integration in data management between QuickBooks and CRM. This implies that when you edit information in one of the systems, the changes will be felt across the systems and found in the other, allowing the two to work perfectly alongside. This integration will save much of the time you would have consumed entering/editing data, allowing you more time to perform other vital tasks and lead your business to accomplish more than you thought was possible. Moreover, the solution provides an integration for transactions between the two systems. When a transaction is made in one of the systems, the same information will be carried out in the other, saving you the trouble of double entry.

We are pleased to present Youngland's QuickBooks CRM Connector, an integrated Business Solution for Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM in Canada, USA and Latin America. We are excited about this end-to-end integration product, and believe that with your experiences and talents in working with small to mid-market businesses, we’re a step further down the path of helping our customers to realize their full potentials.

If you are interested in knowing more, please take a look at our end-to-end integrated solution, and Implementation Program that offers the product with fixed fee based project. It includes consultation, installation and data migration. Make sure not to place your order without first check out our GREAT offers and promotions!

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