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Business needs evolve. Youngland provides a seamless end-to-end integration experience between Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is dedicated to continuously learn, improve, and challenge ourselves in order to best serve all industry needs.

QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM Integrated Solution

Innovative Design

Like no other, Youngland’s QuickBooks CRM Connector is an integration solution for the Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM product families, so that the progressive users of Intuit QuickBooks may operate a seamless interactive system with Microsoft CRM. One of its many features is the automatic synchronization of key data in real-time that will increase efficiency, reduce clerical errors and provide a much improved end-user experience, all while saving you time to focus and perform other vital tasks that lead to your business success. We believe that with this ground-breaking product and our experiences & successes from working with small to mid-market businesses, we’re a step further down the path of helping our clients to realize their full potentials.


The QuickBooks CRM Connector and its components provide practical solutions that produce measurable results. Below are some of the positive changes you can expect with the installation of the solution:


Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM are fundamentally two very distinct products. Thus, the integration of the two into a fully functionally product requires a flexible mapping system. With this key point in mind, we’ve designed a comprehensive product that is guaranteed to meet all of your requirements.
  • Live integration of data - No user interaction or scheduling is needed to keep data up to date
  • Two way communication - Choose whether you want bi-directional synchronization or single-source synchronization. Effortlessly configure the software to meet your needs
  • Fast execution
  • Record validation checks
  • Data exchange logging and monitoring
  • Key business contact information synchronization
  • Inventory Item synchronization
  • Order and Invoice synchronization
  • Flexible customization - Customizable capabilities allow tailored solutions to your unique requirements
  • And much more...

Standard Deployment Scenario

The standard solution is the most commonly used configuration for deployment and is available without customization.

The alternative transactions workflow:

Youngland provides customization of various products to fit your needs, such as the ability to capture and send taxes information with financial transaction to Microsoft CRM from Intuit QuickBooks to streamline your processes and save your time. Such customizations can also be seen as an entry point into Microsoft CRM which your company may evaluate in expectance of future growth.

Through our commitment to on-going development and continuous improvement, we constantly update our solution to encompass complete inventory, order management and invoicing integration all in a single solution framework. It provides customization that streamlines your processes and saves your time by capturing and rerouting information to selected destinies. In addition, Youngland offers further customization and on-site/remote services to adapt the product specifically to your firm.

Supported Versions

Microsoft CRM 2011 on-premise is currently support for existing deployment only. We do not take new customers for this version at this time. Also CRM 2011 online Edition will not be supported.

However we support any combination of the following listed QuickBooks and CRM versions or Editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers have proved useful to our customers and partners. If you have any specific question then please contact us and we will try our best to answer it.

If you are interested in knowing more, please take a look at our Implementation Program that offers the product with fixed fee based project. It includes consultation, installation and data migration. Make sure not to place your order without first check out our GREAT offers and promotions!

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