Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is an end-to-end, scalable implementation methodology. It provides a model based on best practices, tools, and templates to help partners and Microsoft Services perform successful implementations of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. The implementation methodology model includes implementation guidance, industry focused, product-specific content, and project management strategies and guidance.



Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step provides the following benefits to Microsoft Dynamics customers, partners and the Microsoft Services organization:

  • Repeatable, consistent methodology and processes that provide a better implementation experience for partners and customers.
  • An implementation framework that allows multiple partners working on the same project to "speak a common language" and work together toward a common implementation methodology.
  • Flexible methodology that can be customized for Microsoft Dynamics products, size of customer organization, implementation type, and vertical markets.
  • Integrated project management processes, tools, disciplines, and best practices.
  • Decision Accelerator Offerings to help decrease risk.
  • Optimization Offerings to aid partners in reducing risk and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Incorporation of implementation best practices from Microsoft and partners.
  • Reduced risk for consulting companies and their partners.
  • Increased partner productivity and profitability.
  • Greater customer and partner satisfaction.


The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step model

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step model defines a standardized, phased-based approach to implementation projects. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is flexible enough to use in many different scenarios and will help to meet different customer needs and improve the implementation experience.


The implementation model that forms the basis of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step consists of the following:

  • Project Types
  • Phases
  • Processes
  • Deliverables and milestones
  • Industry/vertical solutions
  • Cross-industry/horizontal solutions
  • Decision accelerator offerings
  • Cross phase processes
  • Optimization offerings
  • Project management processes and disciplines
  • Consultant and customer roles

Who Uses Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step?

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is designed to support all roles participating in a Microsoft Dynamics implementation project. In the progression of an implementation project, different roles are more engaged during specific phases, and less engaged in other phases. The project manager, while busiest during the start and early phases of the project is consistently engaged throughout the project.

Best Practices

Consider the best practices for implementation project types and complex rollout scenarios. This covers some of the key points to consider before deciding to seeking your ideal solution. Read more.

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