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Youngland Computing offers a wide range of custom software development services. Our experienced developers can help you clarify your vision as we are dedicated to working with your team, and to providing high quality software development services in the least amount of time.

Youngland provides a full-range of Applicaiton Development services including: 

  • Offer Strategic technology consulting   
  • Build software applications from analysis, design, development to deployment   
  • Quality customization and integration for enterprise, desktop and web applications   
  • Project Management practices   
  • Innovative software solutions using Application Development Methodology

Integration and Customization Solutions

Whether you are trying to integrate mutliple, independent software platforms or customize ERP systems, Youngland can help you build a consistent, uniform interface architecture to improve maintainability, extensibility and interoperability.

Integration, is one of the toughest challenges facing software development teams today. From home-grown applications to packaged ERP systems, the software we’re writing has to aggregate data from many, many different data sources, using a wide variety of different access methods. This is a challenge, of course, both for software companies and for enterprise developers. Youngland has those same challenges and has seen success in implementing on-demand data integration and data services for many large to mid size corporations.

Customization , in particular, ERP customization does not need to be a painful process, if you take your customization needs into account during your evaluation process. By selecting an ERP software solution that is easily customizable, you can empower your internal IT resources and system administrators adapt the solution to fit your needs quickly and cost effectively. If your customization needs extend beyond your IT resources, you can engage with ERP partner like Youngland that can do your custom development for you. Read more about customize ERP.

Approach and Software Development Methodology

Our software engineering methodologies are a comprehensive set of processes that comprise the full range of Information Technology projects including but not limited to development, integration and conversion of applications. Our methodologies address all project aspects including roles and responsibilities, standards and procedures to be followed, tools to be used, products to be delivered during each phase of the project life cycle, and the consistant format of each milestones and deliverables.

Process and traditional "Waterfall" model, at Youngland, we take each stage of the software development process seriously, as our primary goal is to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements. The process begins with evaluation procedures, where we better understand your business process and requirements in order to determine the right solution. By paying careful attention to detail, we will then construct and propose a plan for you to approve. The next stage is to transfer the project requirements into a working system. Followed by design, development and deployment, where we incorporate the deliverables into your business process and make the software system available for use. We will then run multiple sets of tests and quality control methodologies to ensure product quality. After the completion of the project is the support phase, where Youngland will fix any arising problems within a defined support duration. Each process is guaranteed to be executed with precision and proficiency.

Spiral development and Agile Implementation Methodology, is a conceptual framework for software engineering that promotes development iterations throughout the life-cycle of the project. We use more agile methodology to real life enterprise custom software projects, ERP implementation with customization and our ISV products & add-on solutions. It is basically the today's business process and technologies changes in a much more rapid pace.

Agile Methodology Spiral Development

Read more about the Youngland Agile Methodology Spiral Development, perhaps, learn more about our practices.


Youngland consultants can help you clarify your vision. We work with your team by providing software development services where needed. We fully leverage best practices in the development process, including iterative development processes and unit testing to provide high quality software in the least amount of time.We can make it happen so your team can concentrate on your core business. We make your vision a reality.

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At Youngland, customer satisfaction is highly prioritized because we firmly believe that taking care of customers takes care of business. Our staff is dedicated to bring you exceptional care and support. With this as our business model, we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best services because their satisfaction is our reward.

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