Agile Methodology and Our Practices

Application virtualization and clouds are changing how applications are built, tested, released and managed. Release cycles are accelerated, resulting in cross-organizational challenges. Agile Methodology is a conceptual framework for software engineering that promotes development iterations throughout the life-cycle of the project. To consistently help our clients achieve the results they want, we employ an agile methodology for building and maintaining high-quality ISV products and Add-on solutions.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

We build software using the agile methodology, which consists of development iterations throughout the life-cycle of the project. This process enables:

  • Faster development time - we can help you to get to market ahead of your competition.
  • Lower overall cost - help you to meet your budget needs and keep overhead down.
  • Focus on the right solution - You get exactly what you need and want at right time.
  • A minimum of your time - we enable that your participation of the development process without taking too much time away from your business.

Agile project type

The Agile implementation project type is a flexible and collaborative approach for implementing a ERP system such as Dynamics GP or as simple as QuickBooks that requires complex customizations at a single site requiring specific features and moderate-to-complex customizations. The Agile project type is associated with an iterative, incremental process approach to solution deployment.

Agile projects give the project sponsors greater control as the direction of the solution development and implementation can be changed from one process to the next. Since the project does come with its own set of risks and potential problems, it requires clear guidance from the customer and strong management from the implementation team. Frequent and intense communication is high.

The Agile project type is typically used where one or more of the following circumstances exist:

  • Customer requirements are not fully defined or known at the start.
  • Customer requires implementation to be flexible to accommodate changing business priorities.
  • Customer focus is on the delivery of a solution and does not require complete documentation.
  • Customer-specific features are required.
  • Moderate-to-complex customizations are required.
  • Independent software vendor solutions are included.
  • Simple-to-moderate infrastructure is involved.
  • Customer-specific integrations or interfaces to third-party systems are required.
  • Simple-to-complex data migration is involved.
  • Small-to-medium number of users will use the solution.

Above all, our methodology enables you to clearly understand what is being developed at each milestone of the project. You can provide meaningful feedback every step of the way to be an integral part of the development team - without taking up too much of your time.

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