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Implementing with No Regret

Changes in customer acquisition are non-augmentable fact. It is time to rethink Go-To-Market and Sales Models. Despite attention around the…

Why Cloud Computing

There is no question that Cloud technology paves the foundation of transformation for businesses. For all industries and sectors, the…

Why this is the "Platform"?

Get inspired! Become empowered through purposeful engagement with Intuit ecosystem. A collection entrepreneurship with highlights!

At Youngland, We think QBO - QuickBooks Online is not just a cloud accounting for small business solutions. With endless innovation and experience in serving small business communities, Intuit QuickBooks will become a "cloud platform" for small business, a brand new global based resource planning ecosystem. We are ready to help you to reach your goal.

Train get started at IntuitRP "platform" in San Jose #QBConnect. Where does the @train go? When will the @train reach to your station? These are some important questions you should ask ...

Any new? How to taking time to unplug & recharge can help us tap into our creativity and productivity. "Nothing in business is worth jeopardizing your health over." - by Arianna Huffington #QBConnect.

Obstacles? Her curiosity is what drives her to try new things. "Working on Wall Street was a good education on how to businesses are run ... I’m really good at hard work ... It’s all well and good to work hard, but you need to compensated fairly for that hard work! ” by Martha Stewart.

Small business journey to success? if you are new to this journey or new to the platform, read more about the Intuit cloud innovation at #QBConnect. The Intuit CEO Brad Smith's closing statement was "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain ".

The experience? Bill & Giuliana Rancic spoke about their journey as entrepreneurs overcoming obstacles, hard working than they ever thought possible. Enjoy the experiencing of the ultimate reward of starting a business that became profitable and sustainable.

Advice? Funny story about Charles Best how he get started, and his advice is "Always check whether it’s reply or forward before sending a smack talking email"

Have biggest obstacles? Tristan Walker right on! "Usually what looks like a bad idea can be a good idea, and what looks like a good idea is a bad idea, because there are probably a lot of other people with that same good idea." 

Need help? Debbie Sterling, entrepreneur and founder GoldieBlox, shared her advice to entrepreneurs: "People want to help you, but you have to make it easy for them to do so. " 

The Goal? Setting goals is an integral part of choosing the business that's right for you. If your business doesn't meet your goals, you probably won't be happy waking up each morning and trying to make the business a success. "The purpose and fulfillment come from breaking it, not just making it. You are runners, keep running." We inspired by ClifBar's Kevin Cleary at #QBConnect 2014. 

How to help? Over delivery as Earvin "Magic" Johnson suggests should be our model for business practices.

Who the passengers? You are, we are! Together we help our business communities and our economy, specially small businesses growth, to make your dream come true.

Why this platform? Train get started at IntuitRP platform in San Jose #QBConnect. Where does the @train go? When will the @train reach to your station? These are some important questions you should ask.

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Mission statements might seem overused and unimportant, but we believe it can give us a framework for evaluating opportunities and making decision that fit our core business model and strategy.

"To use our capability and technology to have a positive impact on our customers."

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Featured Blog in Distribution and Manufacturing

This featured blog contains information and feedback on the Supply Chain Management area in Distribution and Manufacturing. The following are written by David Waller. Learn more about the author, please click here.

Inventory Optimization & Reduction – First Steps

Inventory is Evil, It needs eliminating or reducing, Your company must find an inventory solution.

The term ‘inventory solution’ makes no sense, because inventory is not a problem – excess inventory might be a problem, inventory shortage is usually a problem, and no inventory could be good or bad.  It depends on whether the inventory you are considering is raw material or finished goods, and there are many detailed questions that need answering before establishing any of these positions with certainty.  You must find the real cause of your inventory problem before you decide what the solution is ...  >>Keep Reading>>

SMB suggested reading

At Youngland, We think QBO - QuickBooks Online is not just a cloud accounting for small business solutions. We found our unique solutions in SCM play important roles. A great opportunity for growth. Here are some the feature articles and highlights.

    "Believe it or not, your company is about to be part of an enormous wave of change in the next few years".

    "Which brings me back to QuickBooks. In the next few years it’s inevitable that you’re going to replace your on-premise QuickBooks system for something cloud-based. You won’t have much of a choice. And you’re going to take that opportunity to look around. And you’re going to discover there are some interesting alternatives"

    by Gene Marks, read more at http://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2014/01/06/why-your-company-may-dump-quickbooks-this-year/ 

Recent Blogs

More Application Development Methodology and our practices

- by Dr. Insight

Application virtualization and clouds are changing how applications are built. Release cycles are accelerated, resulting in globalization "side" effects or corporate cultural changes cross-organizations.

Agile projects are not new but they becomes a bit hot these days, perhaps, under the our new technology "cloud bobble" pressure. The well understood Project Management process that would not only improve the way in which we deliver in waterfall or Agile projects, but what we deliver at the beginning of the project engagement. Read more

At Youngland, customer satisfaction is highly prioritized because we firmly believe that taking care of customers takes care of business. Our staff is dedicated to bring you exceptional care and support. With this as our business model, we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best services because their satisfaction is our reward.

If you are interested in knowing more, please take a look at our SWITCH! Program that offers the product with FREE assessment and discount.

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