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Insight provides expert analysis on market condition, business development, supply chain, and technology matters, which is an excellent resource for those new to the field or with struggling in these areas. We offer in-depth insight knowledge, execution or operation, optimizing business process and challenge for Social Media, CRM, ERP, SCM implementation including Microsoft Dynamics and Intuit Platform.

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Transportation Indicators of Economic Growth

Transportation, economy and your business decision

We make many transportation investments and decisions about the use of transportation big data daily basis. Why? It is one of most important lead indicator of our economy. Believe it or not, your business is part of an enormous wave of change in the recent and next few years, particularly, if your business involve transportation directly. Governments agency , large or small businesses, and individuals often use transportation data in making their decisions.

The relationships between transportation and the economy are very complex and poorly understood. Transportation is a massive enterprise with substantial direct and indirect effects on economic productivity and economic growth. Transportation industries the provision of transportation services, the manufacture of vehicles, and the construction of highway infrastructure are major economic activities in themselves. It is a cost, to a greater or lesser extent, of virtually every other good or service in the economy.

Are there any general indicators of transportation and economic growth that could be developed systematically and that would be generally helpful to all parties making transportation-related decisions? In making public policy, it would be very useful to know the value of an extra dollar invested in transportation. It would be useful to know where, geographically and modally, to invest that dollar. It would also be useful to be able to track the transportation sector’s contribution to the GDP. Consumers are probably most interested in price indexes—the price of gas, the price of cars, or the fares for different modes. Financial and business interests are interested in productivity measures.

Transportation is an enabler of economic activity and a facilitator of international trade. Transportation is a measure of economic activity. In many aspects, transportation may be a leading indicator, inasmuch as physical movements precede financial transactions. Transportation is a reflection of economic activity, inasmuch as products must be moved to markets. Transportation must have the capacity to deliver the best products and services, in a time and cost efficient manner.

SCM Issues and Your Situations

Starting a business is a big achievement for many startups, but maintaining an existing business is the larger challenge. There are many challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. Insights is specific focusing supply chain management challenges and issues. We share some of the most essential business processes affecting the profitability of corporations today. These executives are responsible for synchronizing the flow of products, information, and funds between their organizations and both their suppliers and customers in a way that adds value for the end consumers of their products.

Here are some of situations you might face today. 

  • Lacking Inventory Realtime Access
  • Forecasting
  • Global operations & importing
  • Replenishment planning
  • Manufacturing planning & scheduling 

Lacking control on inventory

The inventory management of physical goods is based on the intuitive determinations of the purchasing managers. It is often seen in the small business practices. When company grows and begins to require a wide variety of inventory items having different turn over, informal systems tend to create problems that can result in higher costs and interruptions in production and the supply of end items.

Effective management lets you reduce inventory costs and improve customer service satisfactions, which means higher sales and profitability for your business. Streamlined forecasting, planning and procurement makes managing inventory easy and efficient. And automated key variables that drive inventory costs, such as safety stock levels and reorder points, lets you make more informed, productive and consistent decisions about inventory levels and boost your business bottom line.

Replenishment planning

Replenishment is the movement of inventory from upstream or reserve product storage locations to downstream or primary storage, picking and shipment locations. It sounds simple but not really. Having a properly controlled inventory will help companies locate products easier, speed up fulfillment times.

With advanced replenishment processes in place, your business can generate automated purchase order suggestions and support a multitude of products, vendors and distributors. A critical competency for any distribution and manufacturing business is the ability to effectively balance inventory value and customer service levels. In a typical business with thousands of items, managing the replenishment process can be very complex. Putting advanced replenishment methods and solutions in order to make SCM processes efficient and effective in a competitive marketplace.

Manufacturing planning & scheduling

Effective manufacturing planning reduces inventory costs, improves customer service satisfactions and streamlines forecasting, planning and procurement. Manufacturing planning & scheduling also shortens time-to-discovery and improves responsiveness for unexpected changes or modifications. Additionally, effective planning, scheduling and execution enables collaboration with various departments across your organization.

To accomplish real-time in-control of your business process, you need to have the ability to synchronizes and prioritizes your entire order-to-delivery cycle:

  • Create dynamic schedule
  • Manage supply replenishment
  • Optimize shop floor workflow
  • Drive on-time delivery
  • Maximize overcall throughput
  • Promote continuous improvement

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If you are already in business, use sales data and internal accounting records from previous years in addition to external current market and economic indicators to develop a realistic forecast. To meeting customer service expectations and minimizing inventory expense, forecasting and demand planning are the basis for establishing business plans, replenishment decisions and stocking schedules. And collaborating on future demand with your sales force and key customers can lead to improved product availability.

If you are starting a new business and don't have a trading history, base your sales estimates on market research, industry information, business strategies and objectives.

Global operations & importing

Logistics, and more specifically import logistics, are a growing challenge for companies operating in our global economy. Long lead times, high costs and foreign governments, port authorities and risk management cost are just a few of the obstacles you encounter. Tracking products, parts or components in transit to customer demand is key to meeting your customer’s expectations.

Calculation of landed costs at the demand planning stage is a particularly important analysis for who is in the importing business. Traditional analyses often focus on comparing unit manufacturing shipping cost with lengthen lead time. Calculate landed cost cannot be achieved by simply adding transportation costs to COG. Importing goods packaging optimization is another direct impact to your business profitability.

Warehousing Performance Indicators

When dealing with Inventory, most ERP system are not designed for ease of understand by average users, perhaps, SCM related features may designed for very operational tasks but disconnected from business strategy and performance measuring.

Let's take look from Business high-level view. Many implementation cannot easily related to business matrix. Smaller business cannot afford to deploy high-end ERP, but it does not mean we cannot have an intelligent discussion about your business inventory management by explore to these indicators:

  • Total Warehousing Cost
  • Value of Product Damaged
  • Storage Space Utilization
  • Units Moved per personal hour
  • Customs Clearance Cycle
  • % Storage Space for handing
  • Inventory Accuracy Rate
  • Put-Away Accuracy
  • Put-Away Time
  • Picking Accuracy
  • Warehousing Accident Rate
  • Warehouse Order Processing Time

Performance indicators are not an on paper discussion. Most ERP/Accounting software touches Inventory reorder level, purchase order auto generation. However these "dream features" has to map to operational yet ease of measure. The logic and implementation of these business process should be visible and direct translate to business view. Inventory hit is one of the important indicate to the real world business. However it is ignored by many systems. we believe there are significant rooms for change.

Cloud computing will change the ERP culture. At Youngland, we believe Fundamental Analysis and  Data-driven Algorithmic Indicators to make informed decision. We are actively involving the changes by introducing many "high-end" or "obvious" matrices to small and mid-size business. Check out our apps announcement on IntuitRP platform.

At Youngland, customer satisfaction is highly prioritized because we firmly believe that taking care of customers takes care of business. Our staff is dedicated to bring you exceptional care and support. With this as our business model, we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best services because their satisfaction is our reward.

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