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Our SCM solutions help your organization leverage, optimize, and transform your current business systems, typically an ERP or accounting solutions, into powerful tools extension in Supply Chain Management. By bringing technology and people together through our expertise and feature sets, we help you maximize the value of your investment in your business.

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The definition for SCM is to design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally. Many SCM applications are reliant upon information stored inside ERP system. Applications that simply automate the logistics aspects of SCM are less dependent upon gathering information from around the core financial management system, so they tend to be independent of the ERP decision. But these days, you’ll need to have these applications communicate with ERP in some degrees. It’s important to pay your ERP system has the ability to integrate with the Internet and with SCM applications and perhaps fully integrated ERP system. The cloud will drive demand for integrated information in the SCM world.

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Application virtualization and clouds are changing how applications are built. Release cycles are accelerated, resulting in globalization "side" effects or corporate cultural changes cross-organizations.

Agile projects are not new but they becomes a bit hot these days, perhaps, under the new technology "cloud bobble" pressure...The well understood Project Management process that would not only improve the way in which we deliver in waterfall or Agile projects, but what we deliver at the beginning of the project engagement.

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SCM Optimization

Typically, supply chain managers are trying to maximize the profitable operation of their manufacturing and distribution supply chain. It include measures like:

  • Maximizing GMROII (gross margin return on inventory invested), balancing the cost of inventory at all points in the supply chain with availability to the customer);
  • Minimizing total operating expenses in transportation, inventory and manufacturing or maximizing gross profit of products distributed through the supply chain.

Supply chain optimization addresses the general supply chain problem of delivering products to customers at the lowest total cost and highest profit. This includes trading off the costs of inventory, transportation, distributing and manufacturing. In addition, optimizing storage and transportation costs by means of product package size is one of the easiest and most cost effective initial implementations available to save money in product distribution.

Supply chain optimization has applications in all industries manufacturing and or distributing goods, including retail, industrial products, and CPG (consumer packaged goods).

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