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Youngland guarantees fast response-times, effective price, quicker and better service. See the difference for yourself.

Frustrated with slow-responding and "operational gap" created by very large service providers?

Many customers change service providers for better deals and customer services. It pays to shop around for the best deal and find a provider that offers you the service you need at a price you can afford. Although finalizing the decision to make the change can be intimidating, the gains from changing service providers can be very beneficial, as it will save you time and money.

Why Switch To Youngland? At Youngland, customer support is a fundamental part of our business model and is highly prioritized because we firmly believe that taking care of customers takes care of business. Our consultants are dedicated to bring you exceptional care and support. From industry best practice to interactive one-on-one support to any business related technical problems, we offer a variety of support services at your needs because your satisfaction is our main concern.

Key Benefits of Choosing Youngland

Speed & Quality
Youngland strives to provide premium quality products and services in an efficient fashion. Separate Youngland from its competition is our quick response time. Youngland guarantees the fastest response-time as your extended team members. We provide you and your employees with technical support for Dynamics GP and its proprietary 3rd party applications. Many of our offers include guarantees, meaning we will be committed to performing, and you can count on us to deliver the best service possible.

Our Expertise
The experienced professionals at Youngland are dedicated in assisting to overcome any issues that may arise in your business solutions implementation. We allocate great resources to technology innovation and believe that only quality product and services will leverage the success of our business. Our knowledgeable team can handle ERP, CRM, integration and customization related work with confidence, bringing you quality service in less time.

Priority & Flexibility
We understand each firm has its unique needs. We do our best to accommodate the requests of each individual client. With that, we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best services. It is our priority to make sure there’s a support plan that fits your requirements. From guaranteed response times available by hours, to a pay-as-you-go Flex Support plans, Youngland’s flexible support system is your ultimate solution.

What is the SWITCH! Program?

A one of a kind program established by Youngland to provide a “Re-discover” and learning opportunity for existing Great Plains customers. The main objective of this program is to implement and support our fine turning MUST KNOWN product tips and tricks to solve your real-world problems, while acquiring valuable feedback about the solution and its implementations.

You will receive:

A Strategy Assessment offered by Youngland is a professionally written report on the readiness of your business infrastructure. By showing your interest, we will gladly provide a free strategy assessment in formal written form for your company. Upon this request, we will commit to providing you a one-on-one interview to learn more about your unique business challenges, in order for us to develop a professional written strategy. Our goal is to provide a better solution and handling to your needs with "fix-wrong implementations" of Microsoft technologies. A most frequent required by our switched clients is a complete assessment of Dynamics GP security review. It covers security roles, forms/reports security setup, account level and organization security structure configurations. We also take care your SQL database, domains network and GP intranet/extranet security implementation and support need.

Discount on MBS service plan renewal and license transition or upgrade
Youngland typically offers at least 10% off the Microsoft suggested price as our appreciation by partner with us. We want to provide you additional saving on Microsoft license or renewal in addition to our best services to streamline your business processes.

How it works
The process begins with the strategy assessment, an interview with one or two of our representatives. We will analyze your business processes, identify your pain points, record your functionality wish-lists, and note the IT Infrastructure. In the next step, we will collect information related to any customization which tailors specifically to your needs if applied. As the review solidifies, you will be able to use the recommendations for production purpose at your discretion.


Frequently Asked Questions on SWITCH!Program

We already have business soltuions listed on your site implemented by another consulting firm, but we are not getting the expected results.

Products only deliver value when they are coupled with the right solutions for your business. Further more, they need to be integrated with your existing information system to truly leverage their benefits. As a responsible solution provider, Youngland analyses our customer’s company situation and requirements before offering products. Our expertise in business consulting, software integration and customization might just be what you need to maximize the value of your prior investments.

I know our business process needs improvement because we are not reaching our financial goals. How can I identify what needs to be done?

Our consultants will work closely with you and your team to assess your current situation, pin-point the weak spots and offer a solution that addresses them.

How is Youngland different from other software solution providers?

We are a leader in innovative software technologies for enterprise information management. In developing our products, we study the limitations and shortcomings of existing products to make advancements and add value few others are able to deliver. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide both industry based and business based solutions to help you drive your company from action to innovation.

May I use your services even if I have already had implementation work done by another provider?

Absolutely, if you no longer have a solution provider or are looking to make a change, in most cases we can take your current systems and continue customizing them to your specifications without having to start from scratch.

What if I already have a service provider and would still like to use your services?

Not a problem. You can keep your current service provider, we invite you to give us a try, and we’d like to show you the difference. Our knowledgeable team can provide you with the fastest response to your problems and many of these problems can be resolved remotely.

Where are you located? How far do you travel?

Youngland provides services in Canada and USA, and travel anywhere in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and other States. Most support work can be done remotely.

What tools do you use to perform work remotely?

Remote work can be performed in various ways depending upon the task. For many clients, we use VPN, Remove Services and we also use gotomeeting and Lync as alternative remove access tool, but almost any other remote access tool is possible.

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