Microsoft Dynamics GP Features and Functions

Microsoft Dynamics GP is accounting/ERP software that is designed to meet the needs of growing companies at a price you can afford. From financial management to e-commerce, supply chain management to reporting and analysis, this integrated solution can help you gain accurate and timely business insight that you need to make smart strategic decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains) supports your entire business with comprehensive functionality including:

Financial Management

From General Ledger to Expense Management, Microsoft Dynamic GP - Financials equips your business with automated, customizable, and integrated financial operations. You can leverage financial data to understand what its business implications are, and then make strategic decisions quickly, armed with the power of insight. Your interactions with banks, your international transactions, and all other aspects of financial management in your organization are cost and time-effective, structured exactly as they work best for you. At the same time, the Financials series integrates seamlessly with other GP applications, streamlining processes and providing you with access to current financial information from across your entire business. Seamless integration and shared databases all work toward reducing costs, improving accuracy and efficiency, and increasing profitability.

Supply Chain

Streamline your pick/pack/ship cycle, tailor workflow processes to meet specific needs, and keep pace with competitive markets and low margins. With Microsoft Dynamics GP - Supply Chain, you can provide customers with the fast, accurate answers, firm delivery promises, flexible pricing, and efficient order fulfillment that keeps them coming back. And by connecting inventory control, purchasing, and sales order processing capabilities with the rest of your business processes, you’ll reduce your costs, improve cash flow, and ensure that you have the right stock, at the right time, in the right place to meet customer demand.


Microsoft Dynamics GP - Manufacturing provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed for the make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and hybrid manufacturing environments. Powerful and easy to use, the Manufacturing series gives you the tools you need to manage production and resource planning, helping you reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction, and improve profitability. Comprehensive, cost-effective resource planning and management tools enable collaboration between trading partners, allow you to manage the entire life cycle of the manufacturing business process, and help you to build a sustainable competitive advantage in your industry.

Project Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Projects provides a flexible solution for managers who need to know exactly what’s happening with their projects in real time. With the Time and Expense application, employees can track their progress wherever they are—on site, at the office, online, or offline. Customizable invoices and frequency billing mean that the time spent managing client invoicing is reduced and billing becomes systematic, which speeds payment by your clients and boosts cash flow. Comprehensive budgeting tools make easy to gauge a team’s progress and to deal with potential problems before they impact the project’s delivery. Project accounting functionality gives full access to the critical cost and budget analysis information needed to make projects successful.

Field Service

Manage complex field service operations with higher levels of profitability and customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics GP – Field Service includes nine powerful modules, which integrate essential accounting, distribution, and service processes to increase technician productivity, reduce overhead, and open up new revenue opportunities while focusing on what’s important — your customer.


Microsoft Dynamics GP - Analytics equips you to understand your business better and take control of the future of your organization. Powerful, customizable tools help you create the right reports quickly and easily for your specific business needs. With compelling views of business data, you can present business intelligence in a meaningful way. Graphical representations of key performance indicators enable decision-makers to visualize trends, patterns, and relationships that impact your bottom line and enhance strategic planning. You’ll be able to adjust forecasts using accurate, up-to-date data pulled from your financial application, meet demanding group reporting and consolidation needs, and involve your entire organization in budgeting and planning by scheduling and distributing enterprise-wide reports via the Web, e-mail, or offline formats.

HR Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP – HRMS equips HR and payroll professionals to focus on their most important responsibility—managing people in line with business goals. Flexible capabilities adjust to the way you work, with customizable forms, schedules, pay rates, and hiring processes. All the information you need to make key HR decisions can be accessed quickly and easily, enabling you to work effectively with your staff, process payroll efficiently and cost-effectively, and help ensure applicants and employees are treated equitably. Powerful integration, automation of routine tasks, and instant availability of all personnel data help maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and make it easy to comply with government reporting requirements. Managers and employees also can use the self-service capabilities of the HRM Self Service Suite for Business Portal to control and manage crucial HR information through a convenient, personalized Web portal.


Microsoft Dynamics GP - Foundation provides you with the tools you need to focus on pursuing your business vision without worrying about the systems that make your business run. From Advanced Security to System Manager, Report Writer to Process Server, the Foundation series helps reduce IT administrative overhead, improve network efficiency, and enable easier analysis and distribution of key business information. And with the Business Portal, you can leverage your existing IT infrastructure to provide access to applications, information, and processes via Web browser.

Integration and Customization

Whether your business requirements include more timely data, specialized processes, or multiple location capabilities, GP can be tailored to match those needs. GP is highly customizable, and dozens of industry-specific solutions are readily available. Microsoft Dynamics GP for Customization Tools also provides industry-standard tools and technologies familiar to millions of developers. With these tools, data and processes can easily be shared with other applications, and functionality can be added or changed. Using e-Connect, developers can integrate outside data sources such as Web storefronts, Web services, and legacy applications with your solution. Developers also can work with the Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Dexterity, and Continuum to customize GP to fit your needs. And with Integration Manager and Integration Assistant for Microsoft Excel, end-users can add customizations as well.

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