Microsoft Dynamics GP

Product Overview

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an affordable, easy-to-implement, scaleable solution that addresses business-process needs at the mid-market segment and scales to meet the requirements of complex business processes in the upper mid-market and corporate segments. It provides functionality for financial management, project management, supply chain management, analytics, human resources and payroll, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a solid foundation for unifying processes. Its outstanding financial tools enhance the visibility and control of your business health, resulting in more confident and smarter decisions. It's cost-effective and reliable, delivered by trusted service provider like Youngland, and backed by extensive service and support.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can get up and running quickly, maximizing the productivity of your people and increasing confidence that your solution will adapt to the changing needs of your business.


With a vast repertoire of extensive functionality for highly demanding requirements, Microsoft Dynamics GP can yield tangible value in key areas of concern:

  • Total Cost of Ownership — Deliver strong built-in functionality with ease of integration and customization, Dynamics GP helps you implement rapidly, train and maintain easily, with a solid focus on product quality and excellent support.
  • Operational Depth — Strong feature set helps businesses manage complex processes and unify operations across the organization with optimal efficiency.
  • Business Insight — Powerful reporting tools create unlimited opportunity to drive business information into the hands of decision makers, with sophisticated financial reporting, compliance management, multi-entity consolidation, and Web-delivered access to key business data.
  • Strong Analytics — Access to key business metrics to make decisions quickly and take action. It offers fast access to business intelligence and analytical tools so they can make better, faster decisions.
  • Performance and Scalability — Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional delivers the power and performance mid-sized and larger businesses need to confidently achieve their business vision and growth.
  • Flexibility and Customization — A full set of customization and integration tools, as well as industry-specific ISV solutions, to facilitate a management infrastructure that lets businesses and people operate the way they work best.


It's easy to deploy and configure with its modular approach, you can implement only the functions you currently need, with the option of adding users and additional capabilities in the future.

Microsoft Dynamics GP supports your entire business with comprehensive functionality.

Dynamics GP core components features and functions:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Accounting
  • Field Service
  • HR Management
  • Analytics
  • Foundation
  • Integration and Customization

By delivering superior business management applications that take advantage of the latest technologies with an eye toward constant innovation and improvement, Dynamics GP delivers a winning combination of functionality, technology foundation, ability to grow and change, and service that can truly benefit your business. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers an integrated set of business applications and custom services that integrate your business processes, no matter how complex.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2013 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2015

SOD and Major Releases

We compiled few important points of the Statement of Direction (SOD) of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains). It would be great to learn more before your long term commitment to any ERP system. Read more and get insight into Microsoft’s development plans for Dynamics GP through the year 2016.

The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the time-tested quality you expect, and works like and with products your people already know.

    NEW! Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and 2013 R2

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 10

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 (Great Plains)

    Microsoft Great Plains 8.0 (Great Plains)

Licensing and Pricing

Your business is constantly changing. The most efficient software licensing model will change with you. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Release, A new simpliefied Perpetual Licensing model offers the Starter Pack and the Extended Pack and just a few additional choices, such as Additional Full/Limited Users.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytics

How to deploy

In addition to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP on servers at your location, now you have several choices including the traditional on-premise or hosted remote access model and subscription/on demand (SAAS) model. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and price points that you need to consider based on your business requirements. Read more

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