System Capabilities

A line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions automate and streamline business processes in a way that helps you drive business success.

These processes consist primarily of managing financials, managing customers and sales, managing the operational side of the business such as the supply chain, and finally, managing the information needed for the business to run successfully through Analytics and Reporting.

We consolidate these process groups and provide solutions that connect and streamline them through technology – so that our customers can focus more on making decisions on how to run their business, rather than worrying about the manual steps it would take to manage their business.

ERP Systems

ERP core components and system capabilities:



Manage budgets, create and consolidate reports, and look for trends and relationships in any part of your business.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer groups, create and launch marketing campaigns, track customer activity, and organize sales and after-sales.


Track inventory, order, and purchasing management; sales forecasting; e-commerce; and warehouse management.


Let customers and suppliers do business with you anytime through Web sites or by connecting their system directly to yours.

Field Service Management

Set up and manage service contracts, enter and track service calls, view schedules, and optimize workloads across resources.

Financial Management

Control your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, sales process, purchasing, fixed assets, and cash flow. Perform reconciliation and collections.

HR Management

Manage your human resources from mapping, recruitment, and employee registration, to skills development and processing of payroll and benefits.


Coordinate your entire manufacturing process from product configuration and supply and capacity requirements planning, to scheduling and shop floor.


Deliver access to the data, applications, and services your employees, customers, and business partners need via a Web browser, and see them work more efficiently with you.

Project Management and Accounting

Manage your resources, forecast your costs and budgets, track time and expenses, and organize contracts and billing.

Retail Point of Sale

Run retail operations from point-of-sale to delivery. Increase customer flow, speed up lines and tasks, control inventory, and automate purchasing.

Supply Chain Management

Organize single or multiple site warehouses; handle order promising, demand planning, and online collaboration with suppliers.

When it comes to your business, there’s no reason to compromise. Microsoft Dynamics GP is design for small and midsize businesses to manage your business processes, drive bottom-line results and grow beyond accounting software. if you did not have an ERP system (or have an outdated application), please consider to take an in-depth look at Microsoft Dynamics GP and its features and functions.

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