Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is the component of Enterprise Resource Planning that drives your sales and service integration.

For long term success, your sales and service team should be armed with the best tools available in order to satisfy customers consistently, because we all know that each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to deliver value. To drive sales and service performance, Microsoft can equip your team with knowledge and understanding in dealing with customer relationships.

On the other hand, with Microsoft Business Solutions for Customer Relationship Management Web-enabled modules, you can shorten sales cycles and improve customer loyalty by automating day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, field service, call center, and marketing professionals.

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Best Tools for the Sales and Service Professionals
For many businesses, the front line stands the sales and service professionals whom face customers as a day to day task. As a business owner, giving these employees the chance to deliver stellar customer service every time they are in a call or at a customer site can drive your business to success. To ensure that your business fulfills or even exceeds customer expectations, your team needs to be able to find information quickly and answer customer questions satisfactorily. Microsoft customer relationship management tools can help you proceed speedily as it is fully integrated with Microsoft Office programs businesses often already own, and your team can work with the highest efficiency.

High-quality Service at All Times
One of the most important aspects of owning a business is to keep your customers happy, as it can generate return business, referrals, and excellent visibility for your business. How can you make doing business with your company an efficient, pleasant, and rewarding experience for your customers? Microsoft Business Solutions can help you achieve this end by tracking customer preferences, being aware of their account histories, and resolving issues quickly. After all, you want to demonstrate your business’s accountability and streamlining customer communication and interactions is just the way to do it.

Enhance Sales & Service Performance
Streamlining sales and customer service process, shortening sales cycles and maintaining the consistent quality and productivity of your sales and service teams is a must and automation of business tasks is necessary in achieving this level of success. Solutions from Microsoft can help you forecast and plan sales activity, and act on new business opportunities; moreover, it allows you to review and enhance the performance of individual sales and service employees as well as entire teams.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Field Service Management and Dynamics CRM provide Web-based applications to help you win sales, deliver exceptional service, and keep good customers. The product that's best for your business depends on your company's industry, location, size, and unique needs.

In addition, we suggest to take a detail look of the ERP System Capabilities. We consolidate these process groups and provide solutions that connect and streamline them through technology. So that you can focus more on making decisions on how to run your business, rather than worrying about the time-comsumed manual steps it would take to manage your business.

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