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Research indicates that the cloud computing industry segment is substantial and growing. Cloud creates efficiencies for small business and global enterprises that no longer have to purchase and maintain their own computing resources, and the great potential for capital cost savings that go with operational on-demand business model. This efficiency derives from the nature of cloud computing that builds on the framework of the internet. This ability to foster a seamless flow of information and IT resources where technology can be located in accordance with infrastructure and labor efficiencies, rather than being localized and provisioned independently, capitalizes on the economies of scale of computing power never seen.

We focus Technical Solutions include and relate to:

Innovative technology solutions are designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments. With solutions for cloud computing, security, and consolidation, Youngland can help you advance your technology infrastructure with solutions that are integrated from ERP, SCM to integration.

Technology Related to ERP and SCM Implementation

Most ERP vendors claim to use Microsoft technology - so do you need to worry? Yes. It takes a large development team man years to bring an ERP system to market. There are many ERP products that use non-current technology such as Paradox, and FoxPro. MBS is now in charge of Dynamics GP for years, should we worry about its technologies? Probably not!

Combining the best aspects of traditional online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis and relational reporting, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) provides a metadata model that meets your enterprise data needs.

SQL Server Analysis Services provides an integrated view of your business data for reporting, OLAP analysis, key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards, and data mining.

Data Mining

Create an easy –to– use, extensible, accessible, and flexible business intelligence platform and take the next step in business intelligence with SQL Server data-mining capabilities. Explore your data, discover patterns, and uncover business data to reveal the hidden trends about your products, customer, market, and employees, and better analyze those components that are critical to your organization's success

High Availability

Windows Server, Enterprise Edition, and Windows Server, Datacenter Edition, provide integrated clustering services and technologies to deliver higher levels of service and availability

SQL Server is engineered to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime, provide solutions for disaster recovery, and provide greater system availability to database users through High Availability technologies. This page provides links to resources designed to help you gain a better understanding of these technologies

Integration Services

New in SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) replaces SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS), providing the features and performance necessary to build enterprise-class data integration applications

Notification Services

SQL Server Notification Services (SSNS) is a platform for developing and deploying applications that generate and send personalized notifications to users—timely messages that can be sent to a variety of devices.

Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution designed to help you author, manage, and deliver both paper-based and interactive Web-based reports.


Learn more about key resources for helping to secure your database, discover best practices from security specialists, and gain insights about database vendor security claims from trusted industry experts.

Identity and Directory Services

Directory Services are repositories for information about network-based entities, such as applications, files, printers, and people. The Microsoft solution for identity and access management is based on Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Identity Integration Server and provides centralized management for multiple platforms, a rich partner ecosystem, and customer-proven best practices for planning and implementation.

Rights Management Services (RMS)

Rights Management Services for Windows Server is information protection technology that works with RMS-enabled applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. It enables protection of information through the simple creation and enforcement of persistent rules that live with the information.

Our Feature Product

in Financial, Distribution and Field Services is Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). Dynamics GP delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from financials and human resource management to manufacturing and more. It connects the many moving parts of your organization, giving you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business. Read more.

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