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Oil and Gas


Today’s oil & gas industry faces many challenges, including:

  • The need to optimize production, reduce finding and lifting costs, and better address reserves replacement
  • Increasing need to decrease costs by improving work-force performance and reducing operating and overhead costs.
  • Inability to execute projects through timely and accurate project risk management and earlier time to first operation.
  • Increasing need to decrease direct costs through better asset utilization, improved project management and reduced labor costs.
  • The need to improve monitoring, tracking and reporting to help minimize health, safety and environmental concerns and help decrease regulatory compliance costs.
  • Poor Supply Chain Visibility


See some of the business issues that a business management solution can help detail companies address.

Anticipate and adapt to customer demand

Customers in the global marketplace have high expectations. Although the value of providing a more customer-centric experience is evident, implementing this concept is often a struggle. There is tremendous opportunity for the oil and gas industry to increase production to meet global demand through strong, strategic IT infrastructure investment and improvement.

Accelerate the supply chain

Predicting every market change is impossible. Being prepared for a shift in the market at all times will provide benefits during times of change. A closely integrated supply chain is critical to this agility.

Increase speed to innovation

Has your capacity to turn promising ideas into new revenue diminished? To succeed in this new environment, smart companies must facilitate collaboration among suppliers, engineers, and product designers by creating shared platforms for information and ideas. Research has shown that those who do the best job of aligning technology investments with business objectives can achieve peak performance.

Maximize operational performance

Today's organizations are faced with growing amounts of data; data about equipment, products, orders, deliveries, conditions, quality, and customers. That's why more companies are moving to platforms and systems that help to integrate isolated silos of information residing in existing systems. Technology can help leverage existing knowledge bases within your company and introduce the tools to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Case Study

Case Studies in Oil and Gas

Take a look at some of our clients and hear their story. You'll read their challenges and the solution that Youngland built with the client's business goals at the heart of the service.

    This company is an oilfield services company experiencing phenomenal growth in parallel with the rise of the Alberta oil sands. In addition to the increased sales volume, the company experienced major personnel and infrastructure changes during this time period. Demand on all technology fronts increased rapidly and required both a management/implementation strategy and vision planning. Read more...

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