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Wholesale and Distribution


In the Wholesale & Distribution industry, there is a need to respond to the cost pressures and complexities of global markets while surpassing the expectations of consumers who demand products of increasing quality, value, safety, and ethical responsibility. While new distribution channels are evolving and existing channels are expanding, companies need the ability to plan, control, and optimize an increasingly complex supply chain. Dealing with these issues and keeping costs down without compromising on the value of your offering may be difficult for many in this industry.

Food & Beverages
  • How to accurately trace production lots (track, trace, and product recall), since it is now both a regulatory requirement and a key component to maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Handling the complexities of catch weighted products, tracking inventory both by quantity and weight, for better inventory control and reporting.
  • Working and delivering from a mixed environment with chilled, frozen, and ambient products.
  • The lack of consumer information that retailers routinely enjoy.
  • The importance of proactive order capture in a variety of media—e-commerce, mobile sales, telesales, etc.
  • The challenge of effectively managing short-dated and perishable inventory.
  • The threat of centralized buying (for smaller distributors)
  • Heavy competition from non-food retailers.
  • Ability to deliver profitably against very short lead-times – typically same day or next day.
Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Coping with increasing customer mandates.
  • Getting the right products to the right place, at the right time.
  • Handling inventor control issues.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting sales goals and growth objectives.
  • Controlling rising operational costs.
  • Maintaining labor and operations agility.
  • Managing vendor relationships.


See some of the business issues that a business management solution can help distribution companies address.

Purchase Order Management

Having the right goods in inventory is critical, because an out-of-stock situation can mean a lost sale, or even a lost customer. It's crucial to get input from your customers, and make forecasts for future demand. It's equally vital to have the right replenishment processes and an accurate inventory.

Inventory Management

There are three basic questions that must be considered with respect to inventory management: How much inventory is needed? When is it needed? Where is it needed? You can categorize the products by making a simple analysis based on the quantity sold, the sales volume sold, or the contribution margin. Then, you can set up parameters to decide when to replenish the product and how much to purchase.

The basis for deciding how much to purchase can come from a forecast made by input from the sales or marketing organization, and other relevant input contributors. Forecast and replenishment parameters help you decide the amount of products you need to purchase. Inventory accuracy also plays an important role for the amount of products to order. The more accurate an inventory you have, the less is needed in safety stock.

Demand Planning

As businesses are becoming more and more geared to serve customers, demand planning gains importance. It's the first step to subsequent business and operations planning processes such as purchasing, production, distribution, and cash-flow planning.

The performance of a business depends to a large extent upon the quality of the demand plan. The forecasting process is critical to the success of a business, because poor forecasts can lead to insufficient, or unnecessarily high, finished good stocks, unused raw materials, misused production assets, and low margins.

As markets evolve, causing increased pressure on product lifecycles, increased global competition, and business turmoil, forecasting and demand analysis become even more critical and more difficult. Businesses that establish sound demand planning practices have significant competitive advantages.

Sales Order Management

When the customer asks for a delivery date and price, the clarity of your answer often determines whether you get the order or not. If you cannot give the customer a clear answer, another supplier can.

In order to attract and keep customers, you need a professional sales organization that really understands customer service. You must be able to take in orders from different channels, push as many sales to the customer as possible, be prepared to answer all kinds of availability and pricing issues, and also handle the inevitable return of some purchased items.

Logistics Management

Logistics in your supply chain has never been more critical. It's more important than ever to deliver the right goods in the right quantity at the right time to all your customers. You need to have the right goods placed in the right warehouses, and you need a flexible transportation arrangement (whether you do the transportation yourself, or rely on a third party).

The way you handle processes in your warehouse can mean the difference between positive and negative profit.

The various warehouse operations (receiving, putting away, picking, packing, internal movements, as well as physical inventory and cycle counting) can be managed with greater or lesser degrees of sophistication. The more you optimize layout, picking methods, movement processes, and accuracy, the more profitable your warehouse becomes.

Case Study

- Case Studies in Constructon and Distribution

Take a look at some of our clients and hear their story. You'll read their challenges and the solution that Youngland built with the client's business goals at the heart of the service.

    This company is a major western Canadian distributor of insulation supplies. Like most distributors, inventory management is central to the success of their business. Using a Dynamics GP as the platform, this customer engaged Youngland to develop enhanced purchasing and procurement functionality. Read more...

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