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Business Needs

Whatever your business needs, we provide integrated e-business solutions to help you, and the people who work for you, maximize efficiency. Integrated and adaptable Business Solutions products and services make it easier for your team to do business with your customers, vendors, and partners.

Business Needs by Enterprise Resource Planning core components

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding small, midsize and large organizations in all sectors and industries.

ERP Systems

ERP core components and system capabilities:


Financial Management
No matter what industry you are in, whether your business is large or small, just starting out or well established as a market leader—you want to practice smart financial management and improve your organization’s financial performance.  Read more.

Supply Chain Management
When your employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers are connected, it empowers them to reduce operational costs, improve their decision-making, and respond faster to customer needs.  Read more.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management should help you gain the competitive advantage, predict shifting customer needs and competitor moves. By keeping an organized tap on suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers, the maintenance of healthy relationships can bring your business continuous success.  Read more.

Analysis of a business’s performance is essential for both the short and long-term success of any company. The value of the insight is that it can help leaders and their employees determine the next stride and put forward better strategies  Read more.

Business Needs by System Capabilities

A line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions automate and streamline financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in a way that helps you drive business success. Read more.

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Our Feature Product

in Financial, Distribution and Field Services is Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). Dynamics GP delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from financials and human resource management to manufacturing and more. It connects the many moving parts of your organization, giving you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business. Read more.

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