In today’s competitive world, business analytics aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies anymore, it is also for leaders of small and midsize companies. By turning to business-intelligence solutions, leaders can spot trends easily, act quickly and capitalize on opportunities. Microsoft offers effective reporting and analytics solutions that you can put to work immediately. They can help you look deeper into key performance factors—and pinpoint your most profitable customers, most efficient vendors, and potential issues within your organization that require swift action. You won’t need to wait for month end to request reports, or overburden your IT staff; because the tools are based on the widely-familiar Microsoft Office environment, your people can develop reports when they need them using real-time information, and deliver them quickly across your organization.

ERP Systems

ERP core components and system capabilities:



Quickly create strategic business reports
Every business needs the regularly-scheduled profit and loss statements, in addition to deeper analysis, before expanding into new territories or adding a new product line. Software for analytics will enable your managers and staff to get up-to-date information on business performance. Simple and complex reports can be provided with ease. Speed and efficiency can be achieved as staff are working with simple-to-follow tools.

Share information in real time
Analytics software help make it easy for people to share business-critical information with business partners and colleagues, whether they’re halfway down the hall or halfway across the globe. You can capture and share information via a Web browser, empowering team members to search, share, and collaborate in real time. And once the information is in hand, decision makers can display and analyze the data according to their unique needs.

Empower decision makers at all levels
Analytics software can play a key role in organizational efficiency and customer-service excellence. Your employees, from warehouse personnel to financial analysts, will find it easier to record, classify, and access information, and practice better decision making. For example, when a call center employee logs a certain number of complaints about a product, managers can receive an e-mail alert notifying them of a potential problem that needs quick attention.


Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics Dynamics GP (Great Plains) provides application to help keep your supply chain flowing efficiently including to let you do business via the Web. The product that's best for your business depends on your company's industry, location, size, and unique needs.

In addition, we suggest to take a detail look of the ERP System Capabilities. We consolidate these process groups and provide solutions that connect and streamline them through technology. So that you can focus more on making decisions on how to run your business, rather than worrying about the time-comsumed manual steps it would take to manage your business.

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