Work with QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM?

Youngland Connector may be the solution for you

We know it isnít easy operating and maintaining two very different systems simultaneously, thatís why Youngland has created a comprehensive mapping system that flawlessly ties the two together forming our very own integrated solution. QuickBooks CRM Connector includes an integration in data management between QuickBooks and CRM. This implies that when you edit information in one of the systems, the changes will be felt across the systems and found in the other, allowing the two to work perfectly alongside. This integration will save much of the time you would have consumed entering/editing data, allowing you more time to perform other vital tasks and lead your business to accomplish more than you thought was possible. When a transaction is made in one of the systems, the same information will be carried out in the other, saving you the trouble of double entry. We are excited about this real time integration product, and believe that with your experiences and talents in working with small to mid-market businesses, weíre a step further down the path of helping our customers to realize their full potentials.

Unlike our competitors, we make products work through effort and experience, not just some purchased technical solve-it-all, or a rubber stamp quality program. Youngland specializes in customizing services to create success. This means always going beyond the product offering. We offer 4+ hours Microsoft CRM services to you for FREE Ė A $500.00 dollar value of bonus when you purchase Youngland Integration Solutions.

Our current offers include

If you are unsatisfied with your current Microsoft CRM Service providor, please find out more about our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Services and enjoy our competitive rate - a 30%+ discount offering when you purhcase with Youngland Integration Solutions. Or Call 1-866-778-3322 for any further inquiries.

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